Thursday, July 19, 2007

iAm What iAm

As you're all aware, I've been put under the spotlight recently and the intense media and public interest in my identity has made it difficult for me to continue with my FSJ blog. The recent invasions of my privacy have made me feel hunted, persecuted, and paranoid. It's completely taken the fun out of my FSJ blog. I'm grateful, however, for the public support for protecting my privacy and the secrecy of my identity, and the many calls for stopping the man-hunt, such as those in the latest episodes of MacBreak Weekly and Buzz Out Loud.

Everyone knows what FSJ is about. The recent incident has forced me, regrettably, to blog about it in FSJ, which is totally inappropriate for a blog of this nature. When a reporter becomes the story itself, you know something has got terribly out of hand.

So after a long debate with myself (and the long list of identities I'm supposed to be), I've decided to take the drastic step of creating this blog for myself, the real Fake Steve, so that the issue that is confronting me, and certain members of the public, the blogosphere and the media who are interested, can be aired openly without causing further damage to FSJ.

I'm still debating what to do, but I feel I'm coming close to a resolution.

Watch this space.